Slovak Aeronautic-Company, A.C. Bratislava

Slovak airline account. comp. Bratislava


Executive officer Ján Gonda. Chairman of the Management Board Roman Catholic priest Dr. Belo Kováč Title mayor of Bratislava. Začiatkom roku 1940 ho pri príležitosti už oficiálneho otvorenia svojho úradu navštívil na radnici splnomocnenec švajčiarskej centrály pre rozvoj hospodárstva (SZH) v Bratislave Hans Keller. Board members o.i. Col.lietn. GST. Emil Novotný, Mjr. int. Ladislav Kasl. 

Enterprise fly people and luggage, mail, goods sell tickets currently processes to all significant European track of friends, or neutral countries: in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain and Portugal.

His Eminence ThDr. Karol Kmeťko was a supporter of Slovak aviation industry and was in 1941 the early days the company Factory aircraft Ing. Jaroslav Mráz Nitra.

From 1 January 1944, was a Colonel General Staff Alojz Ballay appointed commander of air weapons. He became the highest administrative authority of civil aviation. As a board member of the Slovakian aircraft factory aircraft in Trenčianske Biskupice assist in the implementation of aviation production in Slovakia. As commander Air Force including efforts to modernize the Slovak Air Force. He graduated from the military pilot training. Prohibits the use Slovak fighters against Allied air forces. After the establishment of the Eastern Army with headquarters in Prešov in 1944 he allocated to support this "group of air Force", composed of combat and courier aircraft and anti-aircraft artillery.

Stavba kolkárne vo Vojenskom rekreačnom stredisku pre frontových vojakov a ich rodiny na Železnej studienke v roku 1944.

Small is the world

Juliana Countess Hunyady - Paolus Sandor de Szlavnicza

Prince Klemens Wenzel Nepomuk Lothar von Metternich - count Móricz Sandor de Szlavnicza

Stephanus Ivánka a jeho ctená manželka Anna Zsittnyan, Bánovce nad Beberavou rok 1845. Ctenou pani matkou Obvodného notára Stefana I. Ondrejkoviča bola Antónia Zsittnyan.

Elena Ivanková, rod. Kutlíková, sa narodila v Trnave r. 1871. Jej otec bol právnik Vendelín Kutlík, matkou Božena Kutlíková, rod. Hodžová, dcéra liptovskomikulášskeho farára Michala Milana Hodžu. 

Founder of the Hungarian Red Cross the Grand Master (1896) Imre Baron de Draskócz et Jordánföld, the founder of the Red Cross in Hungary, is a family member of the Ondrejkovic family through Esztera Ivanka de Draskócz et Jordánföld, the mother of Trenčín County Judge Stephan Sandor de Szlavnicza. For the benefit of the Red Cross and Rescue Service, for example, the granddaughter of Stephan Sandor de Szlavnicza Anna Ondrejkovičová worked for the District Notary Rudolf Mičura. In the treatment of the sick in Dlhé Pole and Turzovka, the typhus epidemic became infected and 1917 died.  

Princess Pauline Metternich Sandor de - Comitatus Jurassor Stephanus Sandor de Szlavnicza - Anna Sandor de Szlavnicza wife of District Notary Stephanus Ondrejkovics -  archbishop ThDr. Karol Kmeťko

Alica Masaryková - President of the Supreme Court JUDr. Martin Mičura - District Notary Stephanus Ondrejkovics - District Governor Dr. Aladár Ondrejkovič

President T. G. Masaryk - Mayor of Prague JUDr. Karel Baxa - Dr. Eva Raisová born Baxa - Minister of Justice JUDr. Stefan Rais.

1927, 27 September, Prague. Question Prague Mayor JUDr. Karel Baxa on Milada Horáková maintained in connection with its adoption of the Municipal services. SCA Prague, Police Headquarters Fund. 

Men\'s Salon in the residence of mayor of the Prague Dr. Karel Baxa grew where his only child Dr. Eva R. Baxová.    

Ambassador Jozef Korbel - Madeleine Korbel Albright born Marie Jana Korbel on May 15, 1937 - Ataché, editor and translator Andrej Vrbacký - Edita Vrbacká born Ondrejkovič - Mária Ondrejkovičová born Turba - Mayor of Bratislava Stefan Turba -  the last Head mayor of Bratislava JUDr. Stefan Ravasz  

Regional President Dr. Jozef Országh - Viera Fraštacká born Országhová - Vice-President of the College of Commissioners Rudolf Fraštacký - Lady Gizelle Kerney born Ondrejkovič - Entrepreneur Alexander Kerney

Entrepreneur Alexander Kerney - Lady Gizelle Kerney born Ondrejkovič - Entrepreneur Milton E. Harris

Jocob Büchler - rabbi Adolf Büchler - Entrepreneur Charlotte Stiglitz Büchler -  Joseph Büchler  - Tessie Roths.   

Entrepreneur  Wilhelm Stiglitz - Airman of RAF Jozef Politzer

Composer Julia Ličková Stiglitz - Photographer and editor Irena Blühová - Composer Janko Matuška - Painter Imro Weiner Kráľ - Dr. Viktor Pavella

RAF Sergeant aspirant Jozef Politzer - Composer Júlia Ličková born Stiglitz - Alžbeta Ondrejkovičová born Ličko - Lt Colonel tank Aladár Ondrejkovič II

Entrepreneur Ján Ličko II -  Slovak Air Force Lt Karol Ličko - editor and translator Pavel Ličko - writer Alexander Solženicyn  

historian František Palacký - composer Franz Liszt - composer Franz Schubert - Dr. František Ervín Csúzy - Kamila Csúzy born Ondrejkovič

Johanna OPPENHEIM (b. 29 October 1896, d. 4 June 1982) married Sandor KUNSTADT (b. 9 September 1882, d. 24 February 1964), Gertrud KUNSTADT (b. 5 November 1918) married Joseph Büchler b. 25 August 1912, d. 1994), 

James Buchler :  Marr :  28 FEB 1819 - Preble Co, OH  Died :  -  Father :   Mother :    Wife :  Sarah Sally Linc.  Born :  ABT 1802 - Ky  Died :  - Father :   Thomas Jefferson Linc.  Mother :   Martha Gee  

 JUDr. Milada Horáková graduated from the Faculty of Law at Charles University. 1927-1940 worked in the central office of the social capital city of Prague, from 1929 member and office-bearer Cs. National Socialist Party, 1939, actively involved in anti-fascist resistance in the political headquarters, eventually became a member of the Committee on Petitions "Faithful Forever". 2nd 8th 1940 arrested by the Gestapo, imprisoned in Pankrac in the Small Fortress in Theresienstadt. Convicted in 1944 in Dresden to 8 years imprisonment by the end of the war in jail Aichach near Munich. 20th 5th 1945 he returned to his homeland, the Central Committee 1945-1948 Member of the Cs. National Socialist Party, Member of the National Assembly, Chairman, Cs. Women\'s Association and Vice freed political prisoners. 10th 3rd 1948 gave a parliamentary mandate, has gone from political life and worked as a social worker Central National Committee, the main city of Prague. 27th 9th 1949 arrested, 8 6th 1950 in the State trumped sentenced by a court in Prague for alleged treason and espionage for the death penalty. 3rd 7th 1968 abolished the original Case, 1990 rehabilitated. 

Author to the Sports Club Slavia Bratislava has brought his sister Tanja, Republic of youth teams champion in swimming. Contrast, the author brought to the club fellow Marian Benkovič and Vladimír Miller (his mother, editor Mrs. Viera Millerová born Čáslavská, editor (in the years 1942-43 Secretary of the Ministry of Economy), her second husband was president of Czechoslovakia Dr. Gustáv Husák). Ms. Miller, then editor of Viera Husáková worked in offices Pravda in the street of Č in the former Publisher of political literature. Its director was Irena Bluhová, wife of Imro Weiner-Kráľ and sister-in-law of Dr. Viktor Pavella (author\'s father, a witness at the wedding in 1944) classmate author\'s grandmother (and her cousin Marta Hladká) and founder of the Slovak field photography. Author classmate as their son had sometimes the opportunity to observe the inside left-wing intellectual environment of the Slovak elite DAV and Mr. Josef Miller and Mrs Viera Millerová. Their way of thinking and family environment are completely different model than the highest Slovak Catholic circles coming patriarchal family Ondrejkovič and especially family Turba. Perhaps have a little more thinking the author\'s mother\'s extended family cheeks, Stiglitz and Büchler 


Josef Lexa, Deputy Director of the insurance "TATRA" underwriting participations, Bratislava. Andrej Hajnovič production of gold and silver goods to traders, Bratislava.Štefan Jurech military ataché and member of the board business - antimony mining and metallurgical plants, a.c., Banská Bystrica. 18.08.1982 Bratislava Honorary conzul of Danish and Swedish emperor, last mayor of Bratislava Dr. Štefan Ravasz (related of family Ondrejkovics).  ;  Ataché von Swiss Konfederation in Bratislava Hans Keller ; 

Source: JUDr. Eva Raisová born Baxová ; Marta Hladká born Raisová ; archbishop Ján Sokol 19.01.2001 Bratislava ;  Lady Gizelle Kerney ; Alexander Bachnár ; Júlia Ličková born Stiglitz ;

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