Compossesorate Sándor

In Cigeľ belonged to the Recsényi (Rišňovský, Rechenyi) family, but after the year 1600 is mentioned as the property of Sandor de  Slavnicza family. Ladislaus II. Sándor of Slavnica (vicecomes of the Nitra) had three children with Erika Balogh of Nebojsa: Anna, Michael and Adam. Anna married Imre Madocsányi, Michael took to wife Eve Kerekes and Adam Bora Majthényi. Family  Sándor was property and consanguineous well as other noble families of Upper Nitra - Ujfalusi, Rajcsányi, Majthényi, girls Tarnóczi, Kostoláni. In 1675, there is at Bojnice Castle of Palffy family, neighborhood Prievidza Magyarize, the municipality receives the name "Czigel". At that time the village was 37 wooden houses, which used to be 324 people. In these years the village belongs not only Palffy family but manage on its territory and 3 Yeoman.

 Adam Sandor of Szlavnicza next the Trenčín, which came on the economy only occasionally. Serfs peasants ruled over his servants, to oversee the master got every third episode of everything made. Assets managed by of Sandor oldest son Mikolaus. According to documents in the Slovak National Archives in Bratislava was on this property debt. To be able to manage, borrowed from the widow Pálffy 1,150 gold. After 1659, he decided to sell the property in Cígel, in order to purchase another property in the vicinity Szlavnicza. Cígel economy he not rent, surveillance was more than the yield of villein holdings.

Mikolaus Sandor managed property:

1. Račko Matt
2. Chrebet John
3. John Mjartan
4. Kôročka John (family died out after 1650)
5. Jamriška Zachar
6. Mjartan Martin
7. Mjartan Elias
8. Matthew Chobot

In the year 1660 Sandor family gave serfs peasants to advance Pálffy for 1,900 guilders. Inventory holdings in question is stored in the Slovak state archive (SNA) in Bratislava, which is presented in the name of peasant serfs, the name of his wife and children\'s names, number of livestock, poultry and area property.

The next owners of the land area of the village Cígeľ was Emercus (Imre) Madocsányi of Turiec married the daughter of Vicecomes de Nitra Ladislaus (László) Sandor de Szlavnicza (his wife Erzse Balogh) Anna Sandor de Szlavnicza. The Cigel had three peasant settlements and two peasants. He also gave his homestead to advance Pálffy for 1100 gold. Madocsányi had Cigel yeoman mansion that was the place where he now resides Svítok Janos - Racke to this Court is called to Kurinov. Report should call into Curia. I believe that this gentleman\'s property was as stated in the communal forest statements that they were only three peasant settlements. It is certain that it was the property because of all the feudal estates in Cigel smallest.        

Mikolaus Sandor de Szlavnicza farming only estates Hronceje, Jamriškeje, Gazdinkeje, Kováčikeje and Cmarkeje. Madocsányi Krauskeje were possessions, and iliac Kurineje. Third squire in the Cigel was Géczy.    

Comes of the Turiec Peter count Révay was husband of Erzsébeth Sandor de Szlavnicza. István III. Sandor de Szlavnicza had a third wife Erzsébeth Révay. 

The chronicle of Cígeľ states that all three Sándor (Michael, Adam Sandor de Szlavnicza and Anna Sandor with her husband Imre Madocsányi) family in the 17th century sold the property in Cigel Pálffy family, the chronicle of this period also mentioned Géczi (Ghyczy? ) and M. Nemček. Pálffy family in 1762 built a stone church. Pálffy family possessions were in Cigel, including mining rights until the early 20th century.


Anna Fugger. György III. Thurzó de Bethlenfalva *03.19.1521 Spiš †26.03.1467 Augsburg, wife Anna Fugger *29.11.1481 Augsburg †04.15.1535 Augsburg, grandson of Alexis II. Thurzo de Bethlenfalva *1540 †1594 wife Borbála Countess Zrinski de Szigeth, children Maria Felizitas Thurzo de Bethlenfalva (her stepson Ferenc Sandor de Szlavnicza), Zsuzsanna Thurzo de Belhlenfalva, Bernhard Thurzo de Bethlenfalva, Borbála Thurzo de Bethlenfalva.   

Great Čepčín in the district Turčianske Teplice. The village is first mentioned in 1262 as Cheptsin, in the year 1343 as Shepcsin, Cepchin, Chepchin in the year 1369 as Chepchen in the year 1534 as Nagyczepchyn in the year 1736 as Nagy Cscheptschin, Slauice Welky Cseptzjn, in 1773 as Welky Czepczin, Hungarian Nagycsepcsén. From the year 1383 village belonged Vladars, in 1663 there were mansions and Sandors and Bendíks.

Palatine of Hungaria, comes of Orava Georgius VII. Count Thurzo de Bethlenfalva was born Sept. 2, 1567 in the castle Lietava. His secretary and Royal Prosecutor was Juraj Závodszký de Závodje. After the death of palatine Juraj Thurzo was also secretary Imrich Thurzo. Joannes Sándor de Slavnicza was vice-palatine de Hongrie (1616). In the 16th century the manor and castle Tematín be held Zipser branch of the Thurzo. King Ludwig II. June 20, 1524 it sold Alexius I. Thurzo for 24,000 gold. After his death in 1543 dominions Tematín, Šintava, Hlohovec and Richnava accrue daughters, Anne and Elizabeth, male offspring had. Another family ordered Zipser and Bojnice dominion. There was a testament satisfied, began a decade-long dispute ended in 1596, when died Anna Salm, daughter of Elizabeth Thurzo. The property inherited and divided Stanislaus, Nichlas and Kristof, grandchildren of  Kremnica Comorian Count Georgius III. Thurzo, older brother of Alexei Thurzo.  

Friedrich I. King of Bohemia (1619-1620) *26.08.1596 Deinschwang next Neumarkt in the Oberpfalz †11.29.1632 in Mainz. Friedrich V. was from 1610 to 1623 Count of Pfalz, Kurfürst of the Pfalz and as Friedrich I. 1619-1620 King of Bohemia. In the spring of 1620 resulted in Prague Emericus (Imre) Thurzo de Bethlenfalva delegation discussed with the Czech Estates Friedrich von der Pfalz and the Czech state military assistance against the Emperor Ferdinand II. Friedrich von der Pfalz and Gabriel Bethlen, represented by Emmerich (Imre) Thurzo, signed a defense pact April 25, 1620 solemnly proclaimed in St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle. Emericus Thurzo died suddenly in 1621 at the age of 23 during the peace negotiations between Bethlen and the emperor in Mikulov. (According to historical sources was not Emericus (Imre) Thurzo murdered at the instigation of Paolus (Pál) Nádasdy son of Čachtice bloody countess Elisabeth Báthory) His death progeny of Gregorius VII. Thurzo de Bethlenfalva died out in the male line. 

M.D. Johannes Jessenius de Gross-Jessen, a close relative of the genus Sandor de Szlavnicza was executed on June 21, 1621 with 27 masters of the Old Town Square in Prague, because as a diplomat in the service of the Czech becomes one with Gabriel Bethlen a coronation for the purpose of the alliance against the emperor. His writings were the ideological basis Habsburg resistance. Judgment of the Court was - alive he rip tongue - the fourth and beheaded him. Head and the tongue together with the heads of the other eleven lords a warning nailed Oltown tower, where it remained for ten years. His body was quartered at Mountain Gate and part impaled on wheels for public display.  Jessenius remains later moved to Tyn Cathedral, over time disappeared.

The estate Tematín given in advance Weihardt Salm for 48,000 gold. In died 1609 Nicholas and in 1614 died  Kristof childless. Most of the assets exceeds the Stanislaus, the composition of the amount paid castle Tematín from backup. Stanislaus III. Thurzo de Bethlenfalva took care of the repair and rearm. After the death of Stanislaus III. Thurzo in 1625 received his possessions Stanislaus children, Adam, Michael and Eve. Eva, married Stephen Pográni, given dominion Tematín. She died in 1627, the same year he died and her brother Stanislaus IV. Thurzo, in 1635 and died in 1636 without descendants Adam and Michal, Thurzo property complex took the royal chamber. The estate of Tematín chamber with the consent of the monarch from it in 1638 as a backup was taken over by the main Moravian governor in the years 1648-1655 Johann von Rottal (*1605 +1674) and his siblings, who married to Sandor de Szlavnicza family in marriage and property relations. Johann von Rottal release quarter dominion Tematín Stephanus Csáky and his wife Eve Forgách. Daughter of Maria Felicitas Thurzo de Bethlenfalva Susanne von Rottal (sister of wife\'s Ferenc Sandor de Szlavnicza) its share chartered in 1653 to Georgius Beréni. 

In 1660 the peasant serfs Sandor gave the backup Pálffy za 1900 gold. Inventory of the holdings are stored in the SNA in Bratislava, it is the name of peasant serf, the name of his wife and children\'s names, number of livestock, poultry and acreage property.

In the year 1720 the village of Modrová in the former estate of Tematín, in the present district of Nové Mesto nad Váhom, became the sole property of the Sándor de Slávnica family. 

Cardinal Imre Csáky. Obec Lúka s kaštieľom bola okrem iných členov rodu Sándor spoluvlastníctvom aj Gaspara Sándora zo Slávnice. Nitriansky podžupan Adalbert Sandor de Szlavnicza, už v roku 1723 vlastnil celé panstvo Lúka (Ferenc Sandor de Szlavnicza a manželka Motesiczky Borbála ich syn István Sandor *11.08.1751 Lúka okres Nitra † 29.03.1815 Wien), dokúpil od príbuzného rodiny Sándor kardinála Imricha grófa Csáky zostávajúce zálohové a inskripčné práva na panstvo Tematín za zvyškovú sumu 7683 zlatých. Stal sa dedičným majiteľom väčšiny bývalého panstva Tematín.

Palace of Antal Sandor de Szlavnicza (*1734 † 1788)  in the Budapest

Husaren Regiment Nro. 7  Stab Vukovar in Slavonien Jahr 1798, Zweite-Rittmeister Michael Sandor v. Slavnicza ; 

Hussar Regiment No 7 Liechtenstein Johan Furst the year 1801,  staff in Italien Erste-Rittmeister Michael Sandor v. Slavnicza ; 

Militär Almanach Nro. XX. fur das Jahr 1810 Husar Regt. Nro. 6 Hadik Andreas, Blankenstein Ernst. Staab Rzeszow in Galicien. Seconds-Rittmeister Ondrejkovits Job, Farkas Georg, Revay Baron Georg. Ober-Lieutenants. Keglevits Graf Alex, Zapary Graf Mich, Bossanyi Joh.;

Militär Almanach Nro XXI. Schematismus der Osterreichisch Kaiserlichen Armée fur das Jahr 1811. Husársky regiment č. 6 Hadík Andreas, Blankenstein Ernst. Štáb: Rzeszow in Galicien. Seconds-Rittmeister. Andrejkovits Joh., Farkas Georg, Liskay Andr., Zvolensky Emer. Ober-Lieutenant. Keglevich Gr. Alex., Bossányi Joh., Zsolnay Gasp.

Autor v roku 2003 preskúmal zrúbený drevenný, ale omietnutý spustnutý dom postavený na pôvodných kamenných základoch kúrie rodu Sandor de Szlavnicza v obci Slávnica v okrese Ilava. Niektoré jeho časti boli primurované. Aj v vo vnútri objektu boli drevené priečky omietnuté a bola na nich prevedená maľovka s valčekom. V jeho najtesnejšej blízkosti rástla bujná vegetácia z náletových drevín. Strešná kritina bola zhotovená z nepôvodných azbesto-cementových škridiel, aké sa vyrábali v medzivojnovom období. Stav v roku 2003.

Contumaz Amt zu Bodza, Caplan Sandor Samuel, the year 1840 Franciscaner-Ordenpriester ; 

Matilda Sandor de Szlavnicza * 21. marec 1798 Viedeň  11. novembra 1843 Budapešť. Jej otec bol gróf Vincze Sandor, matka Anna Mária Szapáry de Muraszombath, Széchysziget et Szapár. Vydala sa za Gábora Keglevicha. Matka Stefanie Keglevich ; Alexandry Keglevich ; Eugénie Keglevich ; Emmy Keglevich ; Gyula Sándor Ádám Gábor Keglevich a 2 ďalších

The year  1843 In Siebenburgen, Commandirender General. Justiz Departement Zugetheilt. Sandor Andr. v., Hauptm. - Auditor aus dem Pensions. - Stande ; Qua-Garnisons-Auditor. ;

Dans 1847 3e Uhlanen Regiment - Unterlieutenant 2. Classe Sandor Dionysius v. ;  

Uhlanen Regiment No 4  Kaiser Franz Joseph the year 1848, Oberst. lieutn. Piret de Bihain, Unterlieutnant 2. Classe Sandor Dionysius v. ;

Hussar Regiment No 11 Wurttemberg  Alexander Prinz zu the year 1850 Unterlieutenant 2. Classe Sandor Georg ; 

Hussar Regiment No 7. Oberlieutenant Sandor Coloman v. ; The year 1852 Gericht Actuare Sandor Andreas zu Zara; 

Paulina Balazsovits *28.06.1857 Veľké Bielice č.53  rodičia Steph. Balaszovits a Anna Zavodszky krstní rod. Joann. Matula Ludirector a Anna Prokop uxor prioris ;

The palace of the house Keglevich (Keglevits) in the Bratislava. Count Keglevich\'s family is related to the families Sandor de Szlavnicza, Szapáry and Ondrejkovič, thus indirectly also Turba. Military Almanac No. XX. for the year 1810 Hussar Regt. No. 6 Hadik Andreas, Blankenstein Ernst. Staab Rzeszow in Galicien. Second-Rittmeister Ondrejkovits Job, Ober-Lieutenants Keglevits Count Alex, Zapary Count Mich, Bossányi Joh.

His bloodthirsty cousin Móricz count Sandor of Slavnicza (* 23. mai 1805 Buda † 23. february 1878 Wien), considered to be the best rider of the continent.

The castle and palace Blue Stone was owned by family Balassa de Kekko et Gyarmat until the mid-19th century. The following genera were family Sandor de Szlavnicza property and tied by blood marriages more common relatives. These families were linked by marriage of Ferenz II. Sandor de Szlavnicza and Anna Baroness Balassa de Kekko et Gyarmat *1698 †18.09.1731.

I.R. No 69 Jelačič de Buzin the year 1865 Unterlieutenant 2. Classe Julius Sandor v. Slavnicza ; 

Pionier Bataillon No 4 the year 1859 staff-station: Trient, Unterlieutenannt 2. Classe Julius Sandor v. Slavnicza ; 

Mausoleum of Móricz count Sandor de Szlavnicza and family Sandor de Szlavnicza.

Oszkár Baron Ivanka de Draskócz et Jordánföld, blood relative of Trenčín County Judge Stephanus Sandor de Szlavnicza after his mother Esztera Ivanka de Draskócz et Jordánföld. Baron Ivanka Oszkár (* 1852 Budapest † 30 December 1936): Hungarian aristocrat, battle hero, politician - deputy, landowner (photo: Koller, Budapest 1880). S rodinou Ondrejkovič bol príbuzný nielen prostredníctvom rodu Sándor, ale aj cez Annu Zsittnyan z Bánoviec nad Bebravou. 

Pred rokom 1906 praxoval advokát z Bánoviec nad Bebravou Janko Jesenský (príbuzný rodiny Sándor) v advokátskej kancelárii príbuzného rodiny Ondrejkovič advokáta Juraja Mičuru vo Veľkej  Bytči s JUDr. Martinom Mičurom.  

Vo Veľkých Bieliciach sú pochovaní Obvodný notár D. Štefan Ondrejkovič a jeho svokra Mária Sandor de Szlavnicza rod. Marko. 

In the Military Strap in Upper Motešice (in the past he belonged to the comapseorate of the family Motesiczky, blood and property relatives) Lieutenant cavalry Aladár II. Ondrejkovič took remonts even after 14 March 1939 for the 11th Dragons Regiment "King Carol II of Romania".

Prešovská rafinéria liehu, úč. spol., zápisníca zo zasadania správnej rady 6. novembra 1940. Predsedom zostal J. Bujanovics, noví členovia správnej a dozornej rady Dr. A. Ondrejkovič sa stal podpredsedom, vystúpili dr. Š. Fritz, dr. B. Germuška, A. Ketzer či A. Bakajsa. Menej aktívni boli členovia správnej rady A. Ardó, L. Ghillányi, G. Hedry, I. Péchy a dr. D. Piller. Zúčastnili sa členovia dozornej rady E. Lábaj a G. Pulszky a riaditeľ podniku E. Arje. Predseda referoval o hospodárskych výsledkoch, riaditeľ informoval o prevádzke a jej zabezpečení. Navrhol, aby aj v tomto roku vedenie venovalo pre nezamestnaných 2000 Ks. Bolo odsúhlasené. Ďalšieho rokovania sa riaditeľ nezúčastnil, týkalo sa totiž zákona č. 256 zo dňa 1. októbra 1940, o zamestnávaní židov v podnikoch na území Slovenska. Po diskusii bolo prijaté rozhodnutie:

“...V zmysle vládneho nariadenia sa podá žiadosť na Ústredný hospodársky úrad o pracovné povolenia pre židovských zamestnancov liehovaru. Predbežne zostane všetko nezmenené. Mesačný plat riaditeľa Eugena Arjeho sa ustáľuje na 3500 Ks a s oprávnenosťou prokúry zostáva vo svojej kvalifikácii. O možnostiach udržania stavu jednal osobne dr. A. Ondrejkovič s ministrom pravosúdia dr. G. Fritzom, potvrdil stav. Spokojnosť vyjadril aj E. Lábaj, zástupca Ľudovej banky v Ružomberku. Väčšie zmeny v prevádzke sa neudiali, o čom svedčia výsledky prezentované na valnom zhromaždení v apríli roku 1941. Zisk 257 010,55 Ks, asi  ako v predošlom roku, spoločnosť účtovne sčasti vylepšila pozíciu. Podarilo sa zvýšiť objem hotovosti, nachádzala sa v pokladni a redukovať položku cenných papierov. Podarilo sa zinkasovať časť pohľadávok, ustálili sa na 2,6 milióna Ks. Stúpajúci trend si zachovali prevádzkové náklady, presiahli 1,1 milióna korún. Spoločnosť, napriek tomu, že mohla vyrovnať časť starších záväzkov, prispela sumou 23 872,25 Ks na zlatý poklad Slovenskej republiky.... Zdroj: Annales historici presovienses č. 1/2011, roč. 11, Patrik Derfiňák: Priemyselná rafinéria liehu v Prešove a jej činnosťv rokoch 1903-1945 str. 122. ŠA Prešov. Fond Krajský súd Prešov, Firemné oddelenie, i. č. 592. B II 272. kr. 53. 42/1940. kr. 53. 45/1941. Záverečné účty za obchodný rok 1939 – 40. XIX. ročník. Prešov 1940.    

Družstvo hospodárskych liehovarov z Bratislavy zastupoval 29. septembra 1941 na valnom zhromaždení Prešovskej rafinérie liehu Dr. Aladár Ondrejkovič. V tom čase už pôsobil v hlavnom meste a na valnom zhromaždení predložil dokumenty oprávňujúce ho hlasovať za 1250 účastín. Zdroj: Annales historici presovienses č. 1/2011, roč. 11, Patrik Derfiňák: ŠA Prešov. Priemyselná rafinéria liehu v Prešove a jej činnosťv rokoch 1903-1945 str. 123. Fond Krajský súd Prešov, Firemné oddelenie, i. č. 592. B II 272. kr. 53. 49/1942.

Teeth with jaws of mastodons, prehistoric elephants dedicated to the Slovak museums by their great donor, brother of the author\'s old mother Maria Ondrejkovičová Chief Justice Gejza Turba. Photographs of the findings of the museums in Prievidza and St. Martin donated by the amateur archaeologist and paleontologist, Mr. G. Turba, wrote to the author of the palaeontologist Mgr. Csaba Tóth, PhD., Central Slovakia Museum in Banská Bystrica. 

Rozpadajúce sa opustené stajne bývalého chovu koní na niekdajšom majetku rodiny Sandor de Szlavnicza v obci Slávnica okres Ilava. Fotografované autorom pri jeho osobnej návšteve v Slávnici v roku 2003. 

Remarks: 21.06.1621 was in Prague in Old Town Square executed by Country Joanes Jessenius blood related of family Sandor de Szlavnicza - Ondrejkovič ; In 1636, the owners of the village of the Bojnice - the family Thurzo, died by the sword ; The Vice President of the Slovak landscape Mgr. Janko Jesenský after 1920 worked his relatives Ondrejkovič (Sandor) and Balažovič (Turba) as functions of district Chief of Banská Bystrica, Zlaté Moravce (Dr. Aladár I. Ondrejkovič to 1924 Main Sluzny - supremus iudex in Great Topolčany) and Vráble, Kosice (Stefan Balažovič). Ie. continued administration districts (counties pp) Slovakia their families since 1556. Prior to 1914 Janko Jesenský he practiced in the office of their relative lawyer George\'s Micura in Bytča ;

Source: Mária Ondrejkovičová Turbová ; Gejza Turba ; archbishop Ján Sokol 19.01.2001 Bratislava pani Zora Kyselová STV Mgr. Peter Múčka ; Univerzitná knižnica Bratislava ; Patrik Derfiňák   






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