Lovable TATRA


The second drive his father, the first private vehicle of Oberstleutnant Aladár Ondrejkovics. Always launched in the winter, only to be shot boyfriend. Gasoline (synthetic) was at that time inferior, Tatrička because here there stood still. Gas tank was under the windscreen, its status is measured ruler. Fourcylinder engine was air cooled, cooling fan at the end of the shaft, a cylinder capacity 1155 cm 3, 13.2 kW, was not more than 70-75 km / hr. It came in the driving speed, that is the motor stick. Repair was relatively simple, the father is managed well on the road itself, just had to have gloves and new rollers. Purchase Tatrička enable him brother Tibor, a clerk firma Thonet - Mundus, Vysoká 53, Živnodom. 

fy 5 000 crowns from its trading partners in the protectorate, which exports its products, chairs Tonett (Slovakia\'s foreign trade with the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in 1941 amounted to 185 569 000 Sk) (1). The tires were in poor times, could not handle more than 5 000 km. Us kids Tatrička are very pleased, we were enthusiastic from the top was raised bonnet looked like a rhinoceros. Experienced three body convertible, small truck, Tudor type T 57 / A, rear of the reserve outside. The slide is the father of Tatra T 57 Sport cavalry barracks in the area. At the back of the car to see light military wagon Mk. 23 of train. 

Praga LT-38

Just look scout equestrian JPO 1, the fifth squadron Dragon regiment, the former Dragon Regiment No 11. This type of father was the first drive. There are old photographs of their 40 long tail? - 60? under the infinite vista before them, and cottonwood veliacimi officers standing in a semi-circle maps. To have tankettes md. 33, but for their failure to run them only after Kaserne yard. 

 Fitting out soldiers of the JPO 1 troop  in the year 1941. The officer is seen behind the right rear of the space volume and the tank turret Praga Lt. 38.


Steyr 220 of Corps automobile park. After 1939, they bought the governments fleet of about two hundred. Lieutenant cav. Aladár Ondrejkovič received orders to choose from conscripts future instructors who will then continue to learn to drive other soldiers. The problem was when they asked which of them can drive a car ? Nobody. Who on the motorcycle ? Nobody. Who to byke ? Two. Lieutenant A.O. commanded to substantiate the two trucks wooden blocks and the first of these future instructors taught as trainers. Subsequently, he performed with ablest soldiers training ride. They then no longer under the supervision of trained other soldiers. Young drivers, military presence in the government service fleet broke about thirty cars Steyr 220 have their first runs. In ihe year 1941, in Bratislava at the Central Station of the state visit of Croatia, however, welcomed almost all government cars Steyr 220. Prominent visit then traveled fast train to Poprad and the High Tatras. Drivers Dealer Steyr 220 fleet were ordered to wait for the express in Poprad. Have not completed it famous. Half of the military drivers ended their vehicles in the ditches along the national highway in the High Tatras. The fleet also had Tatra T 87,

(Tatra T 87 was popular not only in Slovak officers of 1st Automobile Battalion. Wehrmacht officers literally loved it even though im OKW orders prohibiting their driving. The bad language caused casualties more officers, as partisans) Mercedes, Fiat, Lancia, Škoda.

Rarity of the car Fiat Topolino. It was perhaps the smallest, but certainly the worst corps car fleet. Despite his frequent repairs were still broken. Were not satisfied with the Lancia car. Conversely Tatra were popular. Through the war was the lack of antifreeze in the discharge of water coolers and chillers from each night were burdensome to the front and the very restrictive fighting capacity. 

Ferdinand Coburg

Ferdinand Coburg

At the same kabriolet Horch 951 (A) drived too his Excellency the Bulgarian tsar father, Ferdinand Coburg - Koháry 

Cabriolet Horch 951 (A) also regularly used for private purposes lieutenant František Göndör, secretary of the Bulgarian Imprerator father. Was friend of Miss Magda Ondrejkovič.

On such a car Horch 830 BL drove to the Presiden of the Supreme Court, former Minister, Comes of Tekov-Nitra, professor Komenius univerzity, landlord, Vice-Chairman of the boards of management and shareholder fy Baťa, cement factorys Ladce and Lietavská Lucka, his Excellency Dr. Martin Mičura. He was also a Member and Chairman of the Czechoslovak People\'s Party in Slovakia and the birmovný father of  Aladár Ondrejkovics. Together with their brother Tibor took to the temple Vyšehrad and St. Vitus\'s car Horch opportunity for one thousand years since the death of St. Wenceslas. Both brothers received from him memorial gold medal embossed on the occasion of St. Wenceslas millennium, 28 September 1929.


For the millennium was first publicly exposed the St. Wenceslas Crown. Dr. Martin Mičura was socially very active. Friends and often meet with private T G Masaryk and his children. His friends were Janko Jesenský, colleague Dr. Imrich Karvaš, District Governor Dr. Aladár Ondrejkovič, Regional vice president Dr. Jozef Országh, Rudolf Fraštacký, Dr. Markovič etc.

Colonel gen. st. Stefan Jurech, military ataché and member of the Management Board of firm - antimony mining and metallurgical plants, a.comp. Banská Bystrica ;                       

On the Slovak fighter pilot Squadron 13 and his war injury, even years after the author recalls. Nothing is forgotten. (Here the car Skoda Popular).  

Tatra T27 

Even bigger repairs of Tatrička T57A in the garage of the 1st Automobile Battalion have mastered the soldiers PAK of First lieutenant atomob. res. Aladár Ondrejkovič.              

Officers estates ring wore a Lieutenant Colonel Aladár II Ondrejkovič   

Slovak Officer\'s dagger that he wore the uniform of First lieutenant Aladár II. Ondrejkovič.

Ring the professional officers of the Air Force lieutenant family member of Lt. colonel tank Aladár II Ondrejkovič 

From 1944-1945 he served Tatrička T 57A kabrio for First lieutenant automob. Aladár Ondrejkovič with  exchanged bodywork as a commercial vehicle.   

First lieutenant Aladár Ondrejkovič was recognized in the High Tatras, his sister Magdaléna used to be at Štrbské Pleso, her husband Karol Suchánek, a well-known ice-bass athlete, worked there. He was a friend of the First lieutenant Aladár II. Ondrejkovič, before he met his wife. The Tatra community probably got used to it, after their marriage in the spring of 1944, Alžbeta\'s mother, Julia Ličková, born Stiglitz, came to the Tatras. Karol Suchánek was the last to criticize his relationship. His help to the newlyweds in the beginning were considered friends of the family Ondrejkovič District chief in Kežmarok Dr. Alex Luštek and his chief magician Public notary in Spišská Nová Ves Dr. Ladislav Štefánik from the most respected family in Slovakia for granted.  

Tatranska Lomnica in 1944 during the Slovak army skiing championships in the High Tatras. 

 The cable car at the Lomnický shield during the slalom race in the High Tatras in 1944.


Tatrička na návšteve v Kežmarku na jar 1945.

TATRA T 57/A. After year 1945 have Tatra clasic caroserie T 57/A thoose very probable, in the back have reserve and was silver color. 

The Tatra T 57A car of Captain Aladár Ondrejkovič also had a proven air-cooled engine in the Quick Division. He was very easy to access and repair from every side.

Steyr 220 of Corps automobile park. Squadron leader in school for reserve officers riding in Pardubice in the year 1935 First lieutenant cavalry Julius Nosko, in picture longer than Second colonel cavalry from 1st Czechoslovak Army in Banská Bystrica in the year 1945.

Permission to ride a private motor vehicle Tatra T57A for service purposes First lieutenant Aladár Ondrejkovič on the whole of Slovakia issued January 26, 1946 the head of the automotive service 4th Military Area (VO-4) in Bratislava Major Alojz Herchl.    

Their service pistol Walther (Mauser) P38k to capt car Aladár Ondrejkovič II always well hodden by a pedant from his curious small son Paul.

Tank destroyer ST-I is introduced into the arms of the renewed Cs. Army and adopted after 1945 in companies CKD Praga and Skoda Plzeň Cpt. tank Aladar Ondrejkovič II. He made his modification Marder experience already in service at the Corps automobile park Slovak Armed Forces.

School tank destroyer ST-III that led courses in which instructors for training new recruits Cs. Army Cpt. tank Aladár Ondrejkovič II was also a modification of light tanks LT 38 interceptor tanks and Marder III with whom he had experience from his service in Corps automobile park Slovak Army.

Confirmation has received captain automob. Aladár Ondrejkovič from Garrison 92 Bratislava when it took over his private motor vehicle Tatra T 57A on June 10, 1953. When this car occupied since 1989 Ministry of National Defence he replied that in that period, no vehicle Tatra T 57A Garrison 92 Bratislava administration has not taken. 



Tatrička received in the year 1945 from his owner Captain tank Aladár Ondrejkovič third body, this time a standard type Tatra 57A. Kaki Tatrička T 57A coincidence ?

A similar brick-red Škoda 1000 MB with a white roof, a varnished mask and a gray trim was the first motor vehicle to be credited with the PZO TUZEX vouchers in 1969 for its depositors, deposited with Živnobanka Prague. Citizens could buy cars only for an adviser after long-term high-value winding in favor of the Mototechna National Company in the State Savings Bank. The owners of the foreign exchange account, as the author who had it from the saved diets when he worked on the ČSPD craft national enterprise could also buy motor vehicles in P.Z.O. Tuzex. In 1974, a scandal broke out at his employer, the tuzex vouchers for spared diets took a so-called verchass or a family member after a certain transaction. They did not work abroad. The author learned about these perverse proceedings accidentally in the city, drawing them for him as well. He listened to a poisonous comment when his claims from the haggling teeth were returned to the account in the foreign accounting company\'s ČSPD National Enterprise.

Notes: In 1942, the Slovak Republic imported from the Kingdom of Romania 151 219 tons of mineral oil ;    

Sources: (1)  Slovák. 25.10.1941, p.8 ) ;


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