Ondrejkovics-Sandor of Szlavnicza



In the State archives in the Ivanka next to the Nitra are documents from the year 1688, confirming the privileges that had Valentinus Ondrejkovics and at that time reaffirmed Emperor Leopold I. They are written in Latin. Other documents related to the family preserved over the centuries are also in this language.          

Coat of arms of the family Sandor Szlavniczai at the palace in the city center of Trencin, where the deputy of the Trencin County Paolus Sandor de Szlavnicza and Comitatus Trenchin Jurassor Stephanus Sandor de Szlavnicza resided.  

Military Almanac No. XVI. for the year 1805. Hussar Regiment No. 6 Hadik Andreas, Blenkenstein Ernst. staff: Brandeis in the Bohemia. Ober-Lieutenant Johannes Ondrejkovits, Zaborzky (Casp.), Bernolak (Ign.), Unter-Lieutenant Bossanyi (Joh.), Révay (Baron Georg.) ; Hussar Regiment No. 9, Nadasdy Franz, Erdödy Johann,  staff: Essegg in the Slavónia, Maj. Rakovsky (Steph.), Unter-Lieutenant Josephus Sandor de Slávnica,  Ober-Lieutenant Tóth (Frz.),  Horváth (Frz.);

Hussar Regiment Nro.10 Meszáros Joh. Stipsicz Jos. Jahr 1801 Staab: Uibecs in Banat, Second-Rittmeister: Ballazsy, (Ign.). Pejachevich, (Gr. Vinc.). Ober-lieutenant Mattyasovszky (Valent.) Unter-Lieutenants: Adalbert Sandor de SzlavniczaHohenlohe, (Fürst Frz.), Salm, (Gr. Jos.).  

Military Almanac No. XX. for the year 1810 Hussar Regt. No. 6 Hadik Andreas, Blankenstein Ernst. Staab Rzeszow in Galicien. Seconds-Rittmeister Ondrejkovits Job, Farkas Georg, Révay Baron Georg. Ober-Lieutenants. Keglevits Count Alex, Zapary Count Mich, Bossányi Joh.

Titular provost of the Liptov-Mara  ThDr. Andreas Ondrejkovicz *1621 in the Spišská  Štiavnica †02.09.1697 in the Spiš Chapter. Church priests was too Dignified sir Mikolaus Ondrejkovič cantor in the small town Dechtice in the years 1686-1688 and sir Joanes Ondrejkovics religion Law court judge 1870. Sir  Michael Ondrejkovics District notary chief in the Saint Georgien (comitatus Posoniensis) 1762-1763.        

Trencin County Judge llustrissimus Dominus Stephanus Sandor de Szlavnicza, compossesor was born in the year 1806. His wife Maria Sandor de Szlavnicza born Marko was born in the year 1828 († 10.03.1907 Malé Bielice). Their daughter Anna Sandor de Szlavnicza was born at Tvrdomestice no. 23 (in the 19th century, this provincial village belonged to the families of Illésházy, Sandor de Szlávnicza and Sipeky).

The witnesses of her parents' marriage were the Born Lords, the blood relatives of the Sandor de Szlavnicza family of the noble compossessor Carolus Vály (his wife was Anna Mednyánszky) and the Public Judge of the nobles Josephus Schurmann. The baptismal parents of Anna Sandor de Szlavnicza were Mrs. Caroline Pirott and the noble compossessor Josephus Mihalovics. Casimirus Horvath (Marko). The spouses Petrus Ondrejkovics (Ondrejkovits, Andrejkovics) and Antonia Ondrejkovič genus. Zsittnyan, they had a daughter Antonia of the Oravsky family. Ondrejkovič (her son was ThDr. Rudolf Oravský priester canonist in Drietoma * 1855 † 1938) and son who was Stephanus I. Ondrejkovics * Bánovce n. Beberavou. Witnesses at their wedding were Julius Neméthy and Antonius Zsittnyan.

District notary Stephan II. Ondrejkovič (in the districts Dolné Držkovce and Šimonovany) and his honored wife Illustrissima Domina Anna Sandor de Szlavnicza (Ondrejkovič).

Their eldest son was a administrator teacher Stephan II. Ondrejkovič (Stephanus Ondrejkovics) * 1882 in the village Dolné Držkovce † 1954 Bratislava. He married 13.07.1879. His wife was a teacher Maria Anna Ondrejkovič born Turba * 1885 Bojnice † 1964 V. Tatry. Her parents were District Notary Michael Turba in Prievidza and Bojnice and Pauline Turba born Balazsovics (* 1859 Velké Bielice † 1914 Bojnice). After completing his studies, Stephan II. Ondrejkovič worked for a shorter term of office in the municipalities of Kolárovice, Čierna Lehota and a longer term in Lednice and Trebatice.

Other their offspring were Maria Ondrejkovits * baptism 21.04.1884 Mala Hradna. Ján Ondrejkovics * January 21, 1886 Dolné Držkovce; Elisabetha Stephania Ondrejkovics * christening in Malá Hradná 13.08.1887; Ľudovít Ondrejkovics ; Anna Ondrejkovics * baptism in Malá Hradná March 14, 1891 her husband was the District Notary Rudolf Micura in Long Field (* May 29, 1881 Long Field † April 2, 1951 Long Field), their daughter was Melánia Mičura; District notary Vojtech Ondrejkovič * 02.02.1898 in the village Dolné Držkovce. District Chief Dr. Aladár Franciscus Ondrejkovič Sandor de Szlavnicza * 1889 Dolné Držkovce † 1964 Bratislava (Main Servant Topolčany, Processus Tapolcsaniensis), then gradually District Chief Považská Bystrica, Zlaté Moravce, Prešov, Bratislava Town and Bratislava Countryside. After 1946 he worked as a police criminal judge in Bratislava until his retirement). Antónia Ondrejkovics; E. Ondrejkovics her husband Gustav Kedrovič (Ján, Veľké Bielice); Božka Ondrejkovics ;

The tombstone of Anna Ondrejkovič born Sandor de Szlavnicza (Szlavniczai), wife of the District Notary Stephan I. Ondrejkovič in the village Dolné Držkovce, district Bánovce nad Beberavou. She left this world forever in 1917.

District notary D. Stefan Ondrejkovič died in  1922. He is buried in Velké Bielice, now part of the district town of Patizánske. 

The children of the administrator of the teacher Mr. Stephan II. Ondrejkovič and the teacher Mária Ondrejkovičová born Turba. Left Editka, later married Vrbacká, future Lt. colonel Aladár I. Ondrejkovič Freiherr Sandor de Szlavnicza * 1909 Čierna Lehota, future prosecutor Tibor Ondrejkovič and Magdalena, later married Suchánek. 

11th Dragon Regiment "Carol II. King of Romania" in the Bratislava,  Lieutenant  cavalry Aladár II. Ondrejkovič Liber baro Sandor de Szlavnicza  in the years 1938-39.  In the left Captain automob. Alfonz Lošonský. 

Military book from officer of the Czechoslovak army series E, registration serial number 061855, of Lt. colonel Aladár II Ondrejkovič issued on 10.11.1953.

Lt. Colonel tank Aladár II. Ondrejkovič Liber Baro Sandor de Szlavnicza *1909 †2001 his wife Elizabeth Ondrejkovič born Ličko, daughter ing. Tanja Hofmann born Ondrejkovič *1945, son Paolus Ondrejkovics Sandor de *1946, daughter Eva Svarins. born Ondrejkovič *1949, son Boris Ondrejkovič *1954. Brother of Lt. Colonel tank. Aladár II. Ondrejkovics Sandor was Tibor Ondrejkovič prokurist of firma Thonet - Mundus *17.01.1910 his wife was Piroska Ondrejkovič born Elefanty, Edita Ondrejkovič her husband Andrej Vrbacký born  *16.04.1908 in USA Bedford,  profesor, editor, diplomat, translator.  

Lt. Col. tank Aladár II. Ondrejkovič (Ondrejkovics-Sandor de, his attornee JUDr. Valentini of family Valentini Konstantin RK Major 187. Promotion bearer Military Maria Theresia Order) *1909 †2001 and his wife Elizabeth Ondrejkovič born Ličko, their children ing. Tanja Ondrejkovič Hoffmann  *1945 her husband Ján of family Szalay (Comitatus Abaújváriensis comes in Košice Ladislav Szalay 1906-1910, 1917-1918) ;  Children MUDr. Tanja H., ing. Janka H. and ing. Ján H. Paolus Ondrejkovics *1946, Dr. Eva Svar. born Ondrejkovič *1949, Boris Ondrejkovič *1954 (first name received by distant relatives through his family Koháry Bulgarian Tsar Boris. Son Michael Ondrejkovič. In the years 1998-2005 deal with the judo sport. He was a member of the club Slávia STU Bratislava, which in the 2003/2004 season he became Champion of Slovakia in the 1st Slovak League Judo Association) ; District Governor Dr. Aladár I. Ondrejkovič and his wife Anna Ondrejkovič born Török, have daughters Lady Giselle Ondrejkovič her husband  Alexander Kerney (president Thyssen Stahlunion of Canada) and Lady Camila Ondrejkovič his husband Dr. František Csúzy (Chuz).  

Peťa as her grandfather

Son of Béla III King of Hungary, Hungarian and Croatian King Emeric (Emericus, Imre) was crowned the Lord May 16, 1182nd.  

According to legend promoted to yeoman status Slávnicky (Szlavniczai) King Emeric (* 1174  11.30.1204) for saving his life while hunting. The relief depicted below on the palace of Count Moric Sandor de Slavnica in Budapest commemorates the event.  

Kassai Bechich N. his sons Tamás Bechich 1456 and Gyorgy I. 1456. Tamás Bechich his sons  Miklós I. 1456, Adalbert (Adalbertus) 1472, Jakab (Jacobeus, Jakub), János (Joannes) I. Sandrin kitol and Sandor családnév.

After the original mansion in the world-famous Sándor de Szlávnicza, in 2003 only the stone cellars of at least the 12th century were preserved in the village of Slávnica. In this cellar this year stood a plastered timbered wooden building, some parts of which were masonry stone and only partially supplemented in places with bricks. 

Sandrin his son Márton Sandor of Szlavnicza 1517 his wife Ilona Chlevenszky *1532 ? their children  János II. Sandor de Szlavnicza 1552, Miklós (Mikolaus) II. Sandorde Szlavnicza, Borbála Sandor 1540 spouse János Redeky de Redek, Gaspár I. Sandor de Szlavnicza 1556 Trenčín County vicecomes (comitatus Trentsiniensis), Margit  Sandor de Szlavnicza 1564. János II. Sandor de Szlavnicza. 1552 his 1.wife Kata (Katarina) Sólyom Koloni

2. wife Kata countess Apponyi of Nagyappony, their children was  István I. Sandor de Szlavnicza 1570 (spouse Kata Rakolubszky of Rakolub) and László (Ladislaus) Sandor de Szlavnicza. István (Stephanus) I. and Kata Rakolubszky their children Margit Sandor de Szlavnicza  her 1.husband  Gyorgy Rajcsányi of Rajcsány, 2.husband Gyepes Farkas. Erzse Sandor de Slavnicza her husband Boldisz Rajcsányi, Zsófia Sandor of Slavnicza her husband Rajcsányi Pál (Paolus), Anna Sandor de  Slavnicza husband Simonyi Mózses. Miklós II. Sándor de wife Anna Sóky their  children  Menyhért I. Sandor de Slavnicza and Miklós III. Sandor de Slavnicza wife Sára Chomory their children Adalbert III., László III., Gaspár I. János (Joannes) II. Sandor de Szlavnicza 1552 his  1.wife Koloni Sólyom Kata. 2.wife Kata Apponyi their  children István (Stephanus) I. Sandor de Szlavnicza 1570 and  László I. Sandor de Szlavnicza wife Erzse Tokos-Ujfalussy children

vice-palatine János III. Sandor de Szlávnicza 1616, his wife Dora Aranyady, Adalbert  II. Sandor de Szlavnicza, Gyorgy II. Sandor de Szlavnicza

(Anna Motecsiczky de Kesselőkeö et Motesicz, Paolus Sandor de Szlavnicza †, Kata Sandor †, Zsuzsi Sandor †, Lázsló II. Sandor de Szlavnicza vicecomes of comitatus Nitriensis (6) (notarius, nyitrai alispán. In national politics came as a delegate for Nitra County the Hungarian Parliament between 1630 and 1633 where he was elected as a judge of the royal board) nebojszai Erzse Balogh, Bora Sandor de Szlavnicza, her husband Ferenc I. Török de Pat † before 1602. 

Vicecomes of the county Trenčín Gaspár (Gasparus) Sandor de Szlavnicza 1556 his wifes 1. Margit Schvela 2. Kata Barackay son  Pál (Paolus) I. Sandor de Szlavnicza. Vicecomes of the county Trenčín Imre (Emericus) I. Sandor de Szlavnicza 1637

his spouse nádasdi Krisztina Darabos, István (Stephanus) II. Sandor de Szlavnicza †, Erzse Sandor de (b. János Pongrácz), Zsuzsi Sandor (ákoshazi Miklós Sarkány), Ferenc I. Sandor de Szlavnicza his wife Kata baroness von Rottal †1638 (daughter of Johann Jacob von Rottal and Mária Felicitas Thurzó de Bethlenfalva †1624), vicecomes (alispán) Imre I. Sandor de Szlavnicza (1637) and his wife nádasdi Krisztina Darabos have children Kata Sandor (Péter Apponyi), István (Stephanus) III. Sandor de Slavnicza                 

his wife 1. Eva Mariássy de Markusfalva - Markušovce (vicecomes of Spiš, Szepesi alispán 1622 László Mariássy 1592-1659).  

2. Ilona Forgách de Ghymes et Gács (Comes comitatus Neogradiensis, Neuburg, Nográd County, Judex Curiae Regiae, Praesidii Ujvar Capitaneus Generalis Adam Forgách *1601 †1681, her parents was Baron Zsigmond Forgách and Countess Zsuzsanna Thurzo ; Count Anton Forgách de Ghymes et Gács government commissioner in the Košice 1851-1853),

3. Erzse Révay de Szklabina et Blatnicza m.1673, Kata Sandor de Szlavnicza (Sándor Divék Ujfalussy), Magdolna Sandor de Szlavnicza (b.Mathias Majthényi), Zsófia Sandor de Szlavnicza, her husband (Imre Karner),   

Spectabilis Dominus Emerico II (Imre, Emmerich) Sandor de Szlavnicza and his wife Spectabilis Domina   

Magdolna Okolicsányi of Okolicsna, their children Pál (Paolus) III. Sandor de Slavnica 1714 his wife (1. N. baroness Radvanszky of Radvany  2. Anna Dobay de Kisdoba et Nagydoba), Ferencz II. Sandor de Slavnicza (*1695 †15.11.1760 Sztrice) his two wives was

1. Anna Balassa baroness of Kékkö and Gyarmat *1698 †18.09.1731  (on the first floor of the Palace of Balassa in Bratislava Panská15 is the coat of arms of Franz Philip Count von Lamberg) 2. Magdolna Gáfor á Paar. Pál (Paolus) III. Sandor de Szlavnicza 1714 his wifes

Beautiful manor house of family Radvanszky, in 1989 still quite in good condition. Its owner, the authors of the forefront, father-in-law of Pál III. Sandor de Szlavnicza landscape dignitate Gyorgy IV. Radvanszky de Radvany and Sajó-Kaza * 1645 died on torture April 18, 1687, the Extraordinary Court and the so-called Prešov slaughterhouses were held from 16 February to 12 September 1687. The court ruled by the Italian general in the imperial service of Count Antonio Caraffa for correspondence with Countess Ilona Zrínyi. He condemned the death of 24 burghers and landlords from Prešov, the surroundings and more distant parts of Hungary. They were accused of having constructed a plot to prepare the plot.

Awesome medieval so-called Caraff's dungeon in Prešov, where they were subjected to barbaric torture during the investigation and executed in a cruel way. After cutting off the right and beheaded, their bodies were split and posted in front of the Upper Gate, where they hung for several months. The executions took place on 5 and 22 March, 16 April, 6 and 14 May and 12 September of the year 1687. Inhuman judgments have caused great outrage and protests abroad. Emperor Leopold I forced the end of the year to stop further investigation. The execution of the extraordinary court stood on the square opposite the collegium, on the site of the later sculptural group Immaculata. Gyorgy IV. Radvánszky de Radvany and Sajó-Kaza after his cruel death passed into the possession of the royal fiscal. In the surroundings of Banská Bystrica they were administered by the Chamber of Banská Bystrica. The family managed to get them back in 1697. It was used by the son of Gyorgy IV. János Radvánszky II., Who was the secret counselor of Prince Ferenc II. Rákoczy and Vicecomes and captain Zvolen County. The manor house in Radvan has long been hopelessly dilapidated.

1.N. Bábolna Radvanszky baroness of Radvany and Sajó-Kaza  2.  Anna Dobay of Kisdoba and Nagydoba, their children László Sandor de Szlavnicza his wife Klára Plathy of Turóczdivék and Nagypalugya children Imre †, László †, Mihály Sandor de Szlavnicza, wife Anna Sirmiensis son Pál (Paolus), Pál (son of Laszlo and Klára Plathy) wife Zsuzsi Sréter, Karóly (Carolus) wife Ersze Sréter †), István (Stephanus) Sandor de Slavnicza son of László and his spouse

Klara Plathy of Turóczdivék and Nagypalugya wife Terezia Beniczky (vicecomes of Zvolen county Thomas Beniczky),  Lajos Sandor de Szlavnicza son of László and Klára 1714, Bora Sandor de Szlavnicza daughter to Laszló Sandor de Szlavnicza and Klára Plathy, her husbans Joanes Ottlyk of Ozor and Kohanócz (his grandfather colonel Georgius Ottlyk *1656 †1730 in the year 1683 with Imre Thokoly later general of prince Franciscus II Rákoczy), Zsuzsa Sandor daugher of László and Klára Plathy her husband Ilgó Sándor, Anna Mária daughter of László Sandor and Klára Plathy. Pál (Paolus) son of Klara Plathy and László, spouse Zsuzsi Sréter their children Karoly (Carolus) - leányok, Pál (Paolus) Morvában, Lajos †. Son of Pál III. Sandor de Slavnicza, István (Stephanus) his wife Terézia Beniczky their childen Tamás,  László †, Mihály. Tamás his children István (Stephanus), Zsigmond, László, Kálmán. Stephanus Sandor spouse Adelhaida Sandor their children Esthera Anna Sidónia Ludovica Sandor *04.04.1833 Trenčín, Béla. Zsigmond Sandor de Szlavnicza wife Maria Beniczky *08.08.1814 Tótgyörk  †23.07.1882 Tótgyörk, Gejza II, Ferencz Sandor de Slavnica wifes 

1. Anna Balassa de Kékkő et Gyarmat  2. Magdolna Gaffor á Paar. Ágnes Sandor de Szlavnicza (husband Petrikovics), Juliana Sandor de, Imre Sandor de Szlavnicza, his spouse Zsuzsi Dávid, Magdolna (Justné), 2-tól Péter (Petrus) Sandor †, János Sandor, Ferenc Sandor, Antony Sandor de Szlavnicza, his wife Mária Príleszky de Prílesz (son Joseph Calusanetinus Adalbert Sandor *15.04.1768 Rybany),   

Spectabilis Domina Janka (Joanna) Sandor de Szlavnicza, her husband Spectabilis Dominus Ladislaus (László) Vály (their son Paulus Timoteus *24.01.1769 Vysočany witness Spec. D. Emericus Tarnóczy Cum D Conforte Dua Nata Magdalena Brogyány), Jozefa Sandor. János Sandor de Szlavnicza, his sons Josephus Sandor dec Szlavnicza and Joanes, Jurko (Gyorgy) Šándor son of Jozef, Composesor, thane, reeve of the village Slávnica, his wife Anna Ravas (Ravasz) both Protestants, their daughter Anna Maria Magdalena *14.04.1843 Slavnica (godparents Karóly Sandor Szlavniczai and Miticzky Maria Kiss alsony), sons Gustav Šándor *07.03.1852 Slavnica No 10, godparents Ludvík Šándor free true teachings and Žofia Ambrózy de Séden, wife of Karel Šándor. Karel Šándor *28.10.1855 Slavnica No 10, godparents  Ludvík Šándor, Compossessor of the Slávnica and his wife Bernardina born Medňanský, János Sandor his sons Ján, his wife N. Bubla, Mihály Sandor, his wife (N. Huszár) and Sándor †. János Sandor, his wife N. Bubla, their children JánosMihály, István (Stephanus), Ferencz, József (Josephus), Mária Sandor. Honorae Notarius Comitatus Ludovicus (Lajos) I. Sandor, his wife Christina Anna Szullovsky Slavnica 1768 their daughter Christina Anna Sandor *baptism 18.07.1811 Trenčín, godparents Ignatius Prenerstein, Anna Otlík born Sandor  and his sons Dignified gentleman Imrich Sandor de Szlavnicza *Vaska - Slavnica 05.11.1772 † 20.IV.1874. Ordained 8.11.1795, chaplain to 1799, he then worked on the episcopal office in Nitra, since 1802 in Nováky, from 1822 canonic in Nitra. Mária Sandor de Szlavnicza *31.03.1798 in Wien †11.11.1843, her  husband Gábor count Keglevich de Buzin.   

Parentes (parents): Spectabilis Dominus Ludovicus (Lajos) Sandor de Szlavnicza p.t. exactor J. Cottus (Comitatus) and Anna Gedey Locus Originis of the Szlavnicza.               

their sons Emericus Dionysius *17.07.1793 Trenčín (godparents, Susceptores: Sp. Dn Paulus Szetvay de cu Sp. D. Euphros. Plathy. Sp. Dn. Ladislaus Nozdroviczky de Ead. Fily cum. cons. Polezina Lehotzky) and Ludovicus (Lajos) II Sandor de Szlavnicza J. Cottus (Comitatus) Trench. Ord. Notarius his wife Ludovica Ambrózy, residence in the Slávnica,  their children     

Adelhaida Anna Elisabetha Apolonia Sandor *1815 Dolný Kubín, parentes (parents) D. Sp. Ludovicus Sandor de Szlavnicza and Dna Ludovica Ambrózy de Séden, her godparents Vendelinus Abaffy V. Comes 1811 and  Domicella Sophia Abaffy. Sz judge Carolus Michael  Sandor de Slavnica *baptism 02.06.1816 in the Trenčín, godparents Michael Ambrózy de Séden abus Anna Gedey, ret Lud. Sandor avia  1848 his wife Zsofi Ambrózy de Séden,    

Ludovicus (Lajos) III. Sandor de Slavnica, landowner, Yeoman and Compossessor of the Slávnica, protestant * baptism 10/28/1826 in the Trenčín, his godparents Thomas Sandor de Szlavnicza, Anna Gedey relicta Sandor, Dna Magdalena Sandor, n. Pettko. 1861 †20.07.1890 Bratislava, his wife Berta Mednyánsky de Medné (Chairman of the Hungarian Royal Chamber Aloisius Mednyánszky 1842-44) Catholic their sons Stefan Jan Ludvik Karel Sandor *Slávnica 20.8.1856 No.1 (godparents: Karel Sandor de Slavnica, Composesor of  Slávnica and Deputy absent at St. baptism of Ludovicus Amrbózy widow Sándor grandmother of Child (Marie Royko, wife of Edward Mednyánsky, Theodor Mednyánsky with his wife Sita Hamar - absent priest Karel Ludomil Černo, Křižná of ​​child marriage, baptism was held in Slávnica family households) Geyza Charles Edward Sandor 06.29.1858 *Slavnica No. 25 (baptism. parents George Sandor de Slavnica, Composesor there and Mountain Miss Mednyánsky as by absent witness Karóly Sandor de Slavnica and Maria Royko Mednyánsky de Edem Priest Černo) Arpád Sandor de Szlavnicza.

Lajos 1861 arvák gondn. wife Bora Mednyánszky, their sons István (Stephanus), Gejza, Arpád. (Chairman of Hungarian kings chamber in the years 1842-1844 Aloisius Mednyánszky). Ladislaus Mednyánszky *1852 Beckov †1919 Wien. 

The tombstones of noble lords László Sandor of Szlavnicza and Karóly Sandor of Szlavnicza in the village Malé Ostratice (2003).

Ferencz I. Sandor de Szlavnicza, his wife Kata baroness of Rottal their children János Sandor de Szlavnicza 1666, his wife Anna Berényi de Karáncs-Berény, Praenobilis et Generosus Dominus Gaspár (Gasparus) III. Sandor de Szlavnicza, séllyei castle captain(iklódi Kata Szluha) 24.05.1673 in the fight against Turks ; Mária Sandor of Slavnica (1670) her husband was  

Imre Count Nyári of Bedegh and Berencs (coat of arms of the Count Nyáry to his former palace in Bratislava, which is better known as Mirmach Palace). János Sandor of Szlavnicza 1666 and his wife Anna Berényi their daughter Anna Sandor of Szlavnicza, her husbands 1. Márton Széchényi de Sárvár-Felsővidék, 2. István (Stephanus) Ruttkay de Also-Rutka et Nedecz, 

3. László Hunyady. Gaspár (Gasparus) III Sandor de Szlavnicza (iklódi Kata Szluha) their sons Georgius Sandor de Szlavnicza, Gaspár (Gasparus) IV Sandor de Slavnicza †1723, Kurucz táborn. 1693, 1694, 1706, his wife was  

Erzse (Elisabeth) baroness Thököly de Késmárk (marr. 15.06.1680 in Trnava) her son László (Ladislaus) Baron Sandor de Szlavnicza †1741,            

Sultan Mehmed IV and subsequently his son Mustafa II were allies and supporters Kurucz. (Mehmed IV *01.02.1642 †01.06.1693) sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1648 to 1687, Sultan Mustafa II in the years 1695-1703. In their villages, had kurucz diplomat, ambassador    

Gasparus IV Sandor de Szlavnicza (formerly Captain de Princes Court) in two periods.    

The French king Louis XIV. Sun King. Chancellor and Ambassador Gasparus IV Sandor worked well even more important post at the court of the French king who supported Kuruc politically, militarily, especially financially and materially. His brother vicecomes of Nitra Adalbert Sandor de Slavnicza (m. kir. tan), anno Domini 1707 ablegat in the  Diet of Ónod  (wife Júlia Koszeghy) children Ferencz Sandor de Szlavnicza (1. Kriska Bossányi of Bossany 2. Bora Motesiczky of Kesselőkeö and Motesicz), Kata Sandor de Szlavnicza, her husband Gábor Bossányi, Anna Sandor, her husband István (Stephanus) Motesiczky, Pál (Paolus) IV. Sandor de Szlavnicza kis krestenei his wife Judit HunyadyFerenc Sandor his wifes 1. Kriska Bossányi 2. Bora Motecsicizky his children Karóly (CarolusSandor de Slavnicza,    

his wife was b. A. Mária baronesse Rudnyánszky of Dezsér), Rozália B.    

(Ferenc count Szent-Iványi of Liptószentivan), István (Stephanus) Sandor de Slavnica *11.08.1751 Lúka district Nitra 29.03.1815 Wien az iró 1801 Karóly (Carolus) Sandor de Szlavnicza (b. A. Maria) 1. daughter Julia Sandor de Szlavnicza, entered into a marriage on 13/11/1783, her husband was              

Josephus (József) count Forgách de Ghymes et Gács (pictured Palace family of Forgách de Ghymes et Gács in Kosice in what is now State Scientific Library).

2. Anna Sandor, (b. Ferenc König), Pál (Paolus) IV. Sandor de Szlávnicza kis krestenei (Judit Hunyady) kings blood family Sandor de Szlávnicza, children István (Stephanus) Sándor, Pál (Paolus) V. Sándor de Szlávnicza kir. tan. 1. Bora Balogh 2. Józsefa Csery,

Captain of the hussar Gyorgy Sandor de Szlavnicza, József Sandor de Szlavnicza, Judit Sandor, Pál (Paolus) V. Sandor kir. tan. wifes 1. Bora Balogh 2. Józsefa Csery children 1-tol János Sándor de Szlavnicza, Anna Mária Draveczky b. Ignácz (Ignacius)  Sandor de Slavnicza,  

Krisztina Szent-Miklosy, Zozefa A.M. 2-tól soldier Antoni (Antal) Alexander Jacobus Thomas Balthasar Sandor *bapt.1782 Považany nad Váhom, bapt. parents Jacobus Szolber and Theresia Ruttkay, his wife was Anna Vietorisz, (first spa house in the Smrdáky builted in the years 1823-33 with holder of land in environs springs vicecomes of Nitra József Vietorisz. Of this time is date new history of spa. Later in the year 1839 thanks to holder J. Vietorsz was built imposing castello for his family and his precious guests. After multiples conversions served too today. Classicist portal of castello is symbol of spa), sister Ersze Sandor de Szlavnicza *28.03.1774 her husband Mihály Kvassay, Nicolaum Stephanum Thomam Henricum Sandor de Szlavnicza (*1769 Považany), Mihály Sandor, (1.Magda Lukácsy (Terezian landowners was put into practice in the year 1772 4. juni signed by the administrator of the Bytča estate Stephanus Lukácsy). 2. Anna Kubicza). 2-tól Antal Sandor katona, his wife (Anna Vietorisz) children Mária , Janka (Rafael Ghyczy). Nicolaum children Miklós (Karolina Karkoványi), Mária , Alojzia Sandor de Elek Buócz, Anna Sandor de husband  Zsigmond Hegedus, Janka Sandor husband  Pál  (Paolus) Harsanyi. Miklós Sandor de Slavnicza wife Karolina Karkovanyi son Vincze Sandor de Slavnica Nyitrai sz. biró, wife Mária Boróczy children  Miklos, Gizela, Jeno, Ilka. Mihály Sandor de Slavnica wifes 1. Magda Lukácsy 2.Anna Kubicza children János , Vincze †, József Sandor de Szlavnicza Nyitra vm. sz. biró 1860, Ferenc Sandor wife Etelka Jordánszky †,  Józsefa Sandor †1830 (Victorisz László), Maria, Erzsébet Sandor (Jan Scherz of Vaszoja), Janka Sandor (Janos Toth), Francziska Sandor her husband Mihaly Kary. Laszlo II. Sandor de Szlavnicza, Nitras vicecomes (nebojsai Erzse Balogh) their chidren Anna (horoczi Imre Madocsanyi), Mihály Sandor de Slavnicza his wife Eva Kerekes, Adam Sandor de Slavnicza his wife Bora Majthenyi. Mihály Sandor de Szlavnicza his wife Eva Kerkes their children László (Ladislaus)  Sandor de Szlavnicza and wife Juliana Hávor,

Palace in the Esztergom of the genus Sandor de Szlavnicza in for many years protracted reconstruction.

Menyhért baron Sandor de Szalvnicza (1. spouse Joana Gubatoczi son Steph Laurentius Sandor *1703 Trnava). Anno Domini 1707 vicecomes of Esztergom throne Menyhért Sandor, was in the night to forcibly towed with Kuruts to the Diet of Ónod 27) *1700 lett (1.Anna Gubasóczy 2.b. Bednyánszky Bora). Ádám Sandor de Szlavnicza wife Bora Majthényi, children Adam Sandor, Miklós Sandor de Szlavnicza (*1688 †1764 Hlohovec), his wife Krisztina Bélaváry (*1693 †20.11.1726 Rišňovce), children Zsigmond (*08.08.1716 Rišňovce †30.10.1753 Lukáčovce), N.  (Márton Laszló). Alispán Menyhért baron lett (1.Gubasóczy Anna 2.b. Mednyánszky Bora) children 1-tol Mihály 1743. 1.Bossányi Julia. 2.Bajthay Terézia de Bajthay), 2-tol Rozália Sandor, her husband Motesiczky Imre), Bora Sandor de Szlavnicza, her husband Dávid Zsigmond 1-tol Mihály Sandor de Szlavnicza 1743, his wife 1. Bossányi Júlia. 2. Bajthay Terezia children József, Antal Sandor de Szlavnicza *1745 †1802 cs.k.kam. septemvir 1788 count (countess Viczay EszterJánosBora, JuliaTeréz. Antal cs.k.kam. septemvir 1788 count (count Viczay Eszter) children Vincze count (countess Szapáry M.Anna), Eszter Sandor de 1767, her husband Turóczi fõispán (Obergespan of Turócz) count Révay Péter. Vincze count Sandor de Szlavnicza married 1788 Graz, wife Maria Anna countess Szapáry de Muraszombath Szechysziget et Szapar born 1769 children Wilma Sandor de Szlavnicza sz. 1801 sept. 5 csill. k. és. p.h.  

her husband was Jozsef Albert (Albertus) count Festetics de Tolna, Mathilda Mária countess Sandor de Szlavnicza *31.03.1798 in Wien †11.11.1843 maried 18.01.1817 Wien, her husband Gábor count Keglevich de Buzin. 

National Archive in Bratislava, Bratislava Gemeinde Dateien Stühle, TRP Jahr 1707, fasc.14, nein. 2-te Violent flicht Onodische Versammlung ist zu dem Protokoll in Jesuiten in Trnava (Oszkó, Budapest, Quart resumed. Lat. 2524 / 4, S. L64) und darüber zu reden und Kolinovič Gabriel in seinem Buch "Commentarii ... S. 225

KEREKES Siegmund of RK Major 5. Promotion vom 23.01.1760. Holder Maria Thresia Military Order.

BOTTA  d´Adorno Jakob Marquis of RK Major 6. Promotion vom 22.12.1761. Holder Maria Theresia Military Order.

In the year of the Lord 1797, Count István Illesházy (since 1799 the hereditary Comes of county Trenčín and Liptov), colonel of the Trenčín and Liptov county aristocratic insurrection army, also called members of the Sandor de Szlavnicza and Ondrejkovics families into military service in hussar regiments. He was connected with the Sandor de Szlavnicza family by property, professional, confessional and kinship. 

HORVÁTH Anton of RK Rittmeister 66. Promotion vom 18.08.1801. Holder Military Maria Theresia Order.   

(1) Paulus Andrejkovits (Ondrejkovics) and His Sp. Domina Catharina Pravoticzky had also son Petrus Ondrejkovics (Andrejkovics, Ondrejkovits). * Baptism underwent in the Bánovce nad Bebravou 23.05.1804. His baptismal parents were Sp. Dominus Joannes Dubniczky (the oldest noble family of the Trencin county) and his spouse Sp. Domina Anna Morvay de Alsó-Draskócz.  

Militär Almanach Nro. XV. Schematismus der Kais. Konigl. Armée für das Jahr 1804. Hussar Regiment Nr. 6 Hadík Andreas, 1791 Blankenstein Ernst. Stab: Brandeis in Bohmen. Second-Rittmeister: Blankenstein, (Gr. Xtian.). Hadik, (Gr. Wilh.). Ober-Lieutenants: Zaborszky, (Casp.). Bernolak, (Ign.). Unter-Lieutenants: Szent Kereszty, (Bar. Steph.). Ondrejkovits, (Joh.). Fekete, (Franz.). Driver, (Marcell.). Revay, (Bar. Georg.). Bossanyi, (Joh.). Wartensleben, (Gr. Alex.). Fabre, (Ludw.).

Militär Almanach Nro XXI. Schematismus der Osterreichisch Kaiserlichen Armée  für das Jahr 1811. Hus. Regt. Nro 6. Hadík Andreas, 1791 Blankenstein Ernst. Stáb: Rzeszow in Galicien. Premiers-Rittmeister: Nedetzky (Bar. Ant.). Blankenstein, (Gr. Xtian.). Marjasy, (Greg.). Seconds-Rittmeister: Andrejkovits, (Joh.). Farkass, (Georg.), Liskay, (Andr.), Zvolensky, (Emer.) Ober-Lieutenants: Keglevich, (Gr. Alex.). Bossányi, (Joh.), Zsolnay, (Gasp.). 

Husársky regiment Nro 10. Meszáros, Joh. 1801 Stipsicz, Jos. Stab: Ujbecs in Banat. Seconds-Rittmeister: Sandor (Alb.), Keglevich (Gr. Nic.), Ober-Lieutenants: Mednianszky (Bar. Jos.). Bossányi (Joh.).   

SZENT-IVANY Karl. Colonel of RK 88.bis 144. Holder Military Maria Theresia Order.

LEDERER Ignaz Freiherr. Feldmrschalleutnant von RK18. 88.bis 144. Promotin in den Jahren 1813-1816. Holder Military Maria Theresia Order.                                    

Móricz (Móric) count Sandor de Szlavnicza *23.5.1805 Bajna cs. k. kam. his wife princess Metternich Leontine. Count Móricz Sandor de Szlavnicza of Hungary, was known as the Devil's Horseman. During the early years of the 19th century, Sandor took every opportunity to abuse the horses under his saddle by racing them against a steamboat on the river Danube and pitting them against impossible odds over extreme distances. One Hungarian officer of the time complained that Sandor had "killed enough horses to mount a regiment." The drawing depicts the infamous horseman in the midst of "Sandor's Leap." Count Móricz Sandor de Szlavnicza,  his duaughter princess Pauline (*26.febr.1836) her husband prince Metternich Richard (Richardus) (1856-tól.)

Stephanus Ivánka and his spouse Anna Zsittnyan, Bánovce nad Bebravou the year 1845. Ctenou pani mother of District notáry Stephanus I. Ondrejkovič was Antónia Zsittnyan.

A hundred years later he was followed in the equestrian sport his relative cavalry lieutenant Aladár II. Ondrejkovič Freiherr Sandor de Szlavnicza of 8th Dragon Regiment " Prince St. Wenceslaus " victory in the equestrian events Pardubice - Military Steeplechase. 

Original stables on the property of the genus Sandor in the village Slávnica. Roof critina of the new tiles was laid on the places with already collapsing roof. According to stone reliefs with shell motifs above the entrance to the stables, the period of their construction was around 1526. Because the parcels in their closest surroundings were densely covered with self-seeding trees, in 2003 the possibility of their photography was limited.  

KEREKES Siegmund von RK Major 5. Promotion vom 23.01.1760. Proprietor Maria Thresia Order.

SZAPÁRY Ladislaus Graf RK Feldmarschalleutnant 170. Promotion vom 2.5.1879. Proprietor Military Maria Theresia Order.

SZENT-IVANY Karl von RK Oberst 88.bis 144. Promotion in den Proprietor Military Maria Theresia Order.

BOTTA  d´Adorno Jakob Marquis RK Major 6. Promotion vom 22.12.1761. Proprietor Military Maria Theresia Order.

LEDERER Ignaz Freiherr RK Feldmrschalleutnant 18. 88.bis 144. Promotin in den Jahren 1813-1816. Proprietor Military Maria Theresia Order. 

HORVATH Anton von RK Rittmeister 66. Promotion vom 18.8.1801. Proprietor Military Maria Theresia Order.

 27. In the state archive in Bratislava, Bratislava congregation files stools, Trp year 1707, fasc. 14, No 2. Violent enforced disappearances  to the Diet of Ónod is recorded in the log Jesuits and Technology 7 (Oszkó, Budapest, Quart. Lat. 2524 / 4, p. l64) and talking about it and Kolinovič Gabriel in his book Commentarii ..., p. 225.

Carolina Adelheida Ludovica Sophia Susanna Sandor *baptism 20.01.1829 Trenčín, her parents  Dominus Perillustris Josephus Sandor de Szlavnicza a Magdalena Pettko, residence Szlavnicza, her god parents Dominus Perilustris Stephanus Sandor de Szlavnicza, Domina Susanna Ottlík, Domicella Adelheida Sandor.

Esztera Anna Sidonia Ludovica her parents J. Cottus Trenchin Jurassor atgua Compossesor Ruszkotzensis Sp. Dominus Stephanus Sandor de Szlavnicza a Sp. Domina Adelheida Sandor de Szlavnicza bydlisko Szlavnicza her *baptism Trenčín 04.04.1833 her god parents Sp.D. atgue D. Petrus Bogády, Adamus Rudnay, Josephus Batriny,                      

Sidonia Ambrózy de Séden et Remete, Maria Sandor, Domicella Susanna Sandor. Geysa Carolus Stephanus Sandor baptism 06.11.1838 Trenčín  his parents Stephanus Sandor de Szlavnicza Nobilus et Procesus trano montani Cottus Trenchini ensio Calsa Peceptor and Adelheida Sandor de Szlavnicza  Domicilium Ruszkotz god parents Carolus Sandor, Petrus Bogady, Sptephanus Dubnitzky, Amalia Bobota,  Magdalena Sandor natta Pettko, Sidonia Kubinyi nata Ambrózy de Séden.    

Baron László Mednyánszky * April 23, 1852 Beckov † April 17, 1919 Wien. The shadows of the ancestors disappear in the fog of time. He spent his childhood in Beckov. From his work to know the sadness of the social class falling into the past. The biggest loss of its social status has been experienced by the Mednyánszky generation. That is what only its members understand. 

PIRET de Bihain Eugen Freiherr RK Generalmajor 166. bis 168. Promotion vom 10.2.1870.  Proprietor Military Maria Theresia Order. 

Baroness Eszter Mednyánszky born Sandor Szlavniczai * 04. April 1833 † 31. January 1895. Her husband was Baron János Mednyánszky. Her brother-in-law were District Notary Stephan I. Ondrejkovič and Lajos Freiherr Sandor de Szlavnicza, whose wife was Baroness Berta Mednyánszky, sister of Baron János Mednyánszky.

In the Veľké Bielice 15.1.1890-10.10.1890 acted as chaplain Joseph Schurmann, born 9.4.1862, died in New plantations 1915th He inkardinate to the Esztergom diocese. He Bielice in old age because of Dean Michael Minár.      

Tombstone of milady Maria Sandor de Szlavnicza born Marko (Szlavniczai) in Veľké Bielice who died in the Lord 10.03.1907 in Malé Bielice,

Schematismus für das k. u. k. Heer und für die k. u. k. Kriegsmarine 1909 (Wien, 1909). Gestutsbranche. Seite 1089. Militärabteilungen in den koniglich ungarischen Staatsgestuten in: Kisbér. Major u. Komdt. Szabadhegyi de Csallókoz-Megyerts Achatius. (K) D3 (M) Rittmeister Sándor de Szlávnicza Joseph. (M). Oberleutnants: Balogh Aladár v. ; Viczian Adam ; Leutnant: Institoris v. Mossocz Julius Adj. Zugeteilt: Konis Emmerich Gf. Fahnr. i. d. Res. FKR. 14.   

In the renewed palace of Maurice Count Sandor of Szlavnicza in the Budapest on the right bank of the Danube is currently the seat of the president of Hungary.    

Branched notary family Ondrejkovič - Sandor with family ties with all important noble families of the Trenčín and Nitra counties in 1912. The picture also shows the District Notary Rudolf Mičura with his wife Anna Mičurová born Ondrejkovič. Attorney at law of Bytča Juraj Mičura. Later Minister and President of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic attorney JUDr Martin Mičura. The first standing on the left is a student of PF in Budapest, later District Chief Dr. Aladár I. Ondrejkovič, in the middle sitting Anna Sandor de Szlavnicza and her husband District notary Stephan I. Ondrejkovič (v trenčianskej župe najúspešnejší organizátor volieb do jej zastupiteľstva), next to teacher Maria Anna Turba and her husband Administrator teacher Stefan II. Ondrejkovič with their sons Stephan III. and Aladár II. Notary Stefan Turba, later director of post offices in Slovakia and Mayor of Bratislava, are also pictured with his wife Maria Ondrejkovič. Down there are boys Jozef Ondrejkovič and Ľudovít Ondrejkovič with his sister Lenka. Both fell in the Great War.  

Joannes Franciscus Ondrejkovits *baptism. 21.01.1886 Malá Hradná K.u.K fell at the front  (First World War). His wife was D. Anna Pecháňová. Had a son who was born after his departure to the front. 

k. u. k. Kriegsmarine Linienschiffsleutnant  Virgil Sandor de     

SZURMAY von Uzsok Alexander Freiherr of RK Feldmrschalleutnant 18. Promotion vom 17.08.1917. Holder Military Maria Theresia Order.

In the years 1906-1910 and 1917-1918 the Abov county Comes was László Szalay (ing. Ján I. Hoffmann is form Szalay family) based in Košice.

On October 31, 1918, at the planned meeting of a family member Ondrejkovič - Sandor, the Comes Ladislaus Mednyánszky of the Medné and Medgyes informed the council meeting of the Martin Declaration, which had been previously communicated to her by the signatory (Dr. Martin Mičura, signatory Ondrejkovič organized the foundations of the new state at the county level) evangelical priest Dr. Karol Štúr, also related to the Ondrejkovič, Sandor de Szlavnicza and Mednyánszky de Mednye families through his mother Amálie Draskóczy. On November 6, 1918, the local Slovak National Council, chaired by Dr. Karol Štúr. Commander of the Czechoslovak battalion Karel Římek sent a letter from Trenčianska Teplá to Comes of County Trenčín Ladislaus Mednyánszky and the garrison command. The Czechoslovak army entered Trenčín on 10 November 1918, where, as in one of the first places in Slovakia, power was taken over by the new state.

Gravestones District notary Stefan Ondrejkovič and his mother in law Maria Sandor de Szlavnicza (Szlavniczai) born Marko.

SRETER von Szanda Stefan of RK Oberst 189. Promotion von 27.6.1922. Holder Military Maria Theresia Order.

Maria Ondrejkovits * baptism 21.04.1884 Malá Hradná, her husband Stefan Rudolf Turba was a post office Director for Slovakia and a burgess of Bratislava. He was involved in the construction of the New Post Office building in Bratislava;

Anna Ondrejkovics * baptism Malá Hradná 14.03.1891 her husband District notary Rudolf Mičura in Dlhé Pole (* May 29, 1881 Dlhé Pole † April 2, 1951 Dlhé Pole), their daughter Melánia Mičura ; 

Elisabetha Stephania Ondrejkovics * christening Malá Hradná 13.08.1887; 

Ján Ondrejkovics * January 21, 1886 Dolné Držkovce fell on the front of the First World War. He was declared dead on † 31.12.1918. His widow was Anna Pechanova, their son was born after his diversion to the front.

Ludovít Ondrejkovics fell in 1914 in Belarus during the last direct fight between the Russian Cossacks and Austro-Hungarian hussar and dragon regiments in the First World War. Helena's daughter when she was 3 months old. Three other brothers also fell on the front. 

District notary Vojtech Ondrejkovič * February 2, 1898 Dolné Držkovce † 1966. His son was a famous photographer ing. Ivan Ondrejkovič. 

Dr. Aladár Franciscus Ondrejkovič Sandor de Szlavnicza * 1889 Dolné Držkovce † 1964 Bratislava (Main Servant Topolčany, Processus Tapolcsaniensis) followed by District Chief Považská Bystrica, Zlaté Moravce, Prešov, Bratislava Town and Bratislava Countryside. After 1946 he worked as a police criminal judge in Bratislava until his retirement).

Lenka (Helena Martha) Ondrejkovičová Baptism November 13, 1892 Malá Hradná, her husband Minister Counselor Dr. Karol Reindl (Member of the Board of Directors of the Ružomberok Paper and Cellulose Factory, a participating company in Ružomberok) ; 

AMBRÓZY von Seden Georg RK RK Oberstleutnant 3. Promotion vom 21.12.1929. Proprietor Military Maria Theresia Order.

Symbolically to the source of the river Nitra is situated the tomb of the genera Sandor de Szlavnicza and Bossányi de Eadem due to their social role and position in the Nitra County and the County of Trenčín and in Slovakia. It was built by a Catholic priest and Professor Jozef Stephanus Bossányi and built here in 1931 the Lourdes Chapel and modified the source of the river. As a teacher of the sons of his supporter of the District Notary Michael Turba, he influenced the formation of the interests of Gejza Turba, his future collaborator and relatives through the Ondrejkovič family.

8th Dragon Regiment " Prince St. Wencelaus " serg. aspirant Aladár II. Ondrejkovič, his sisters Edit and Magdalena and brother prokurist Tibor Ondrejkovič in the year 1936.

Tibor Ondrejkovič * 1911, his wife Piroska Ondrejkovič born Elefanty de (of thise his family was courte chancellery and Knin bishop Blasius Jaklin de Elephanti 1690-96), their children Prof PhDr. Peter Ondrejkovič and Judita Ondrejkovič. Edita Vrbacká born Ondrejkovič, her husband Andrej Vrbacký profesor, editor, czechoslovak diplomat, translator and the year 1968 director of translation TATRAN. Their children was Dušan† and Miriam Šišoláková. His colleague of the year 1945 and stamps from before 1939 was 

 Czechoslovak ambassador in Belgrade Dr. Jozef Korbel, father of Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State. Andrej Vrbacký was until 1941 editor of Lidove noviny in Belgrade and professor at Masaryk secondary school in Petrovac of Vojvodina Novi Sad along with cousin Andrej Siracký. (Czechoslovak government funded president T. G. Masaryk grammar school in Petrovac and in this regard, Ambassador Dr. Jozef Korbel regularly travel on visitation to Petrovac). After February 1948, they were both removed from office. Dr. Korbel went with his family into exile in the United States. 

Former Yugoslav citizens, Cultural Attaché of the Czechoslovak Embassy in Belgrade and editor Andrej Vrbacký *Bedford USA 16.04.1908 got to suspicion. He could with his family emigrated to the USA would soon get a passport under the laws of the US and citizenship. Nevertheless, the wife and daughter returned to Bratislava, where he was with his family politically persecuted. His cousin Janko Siracký of Vojvodina has views of the political prisoner in Jáchymov. Andrej Vrbacký was after arrival in Slovakia in 1941 politically unreliable editor in Bratislava for a close connection to the Evangelical Church. Slovak wartime state for some time was interned in prison Ilava. After 1948 it was contrary to the new regime cause of his political unreliability and that Edita, his wife came from the weighted old Catholic family Ondrejkovič.

Magda Ondrejkovič her mann was ing. Karol I. Suchánek (between years 1940-43 slowakian champion of sport Bobsleigh and after incumbent of Tatras Therapeutic colleges ; Their sons Attaché of the Slovak Embassy in Vienna Karol II. Suchánek, ing. Boris Suchánek and Dalibor Suchánek) ; 

Literátka Elena Ivanková, rodená Kutlíková, po manželovi príbuzná rodiny Ondrejkovič-Sandor, vnučka evanjelického farára Michala Milana Hodžu zomrela 26.10.1941 tragicky v Prahe.

In the year 1942 Farming cooperative spirit factory Nemšová-Borčice, member of management landlord Anton Žitňan.  

Paolus Ondrejkovics - Sandor de Szlavnicza in the years 1965-1966 with his employer Danube shipping company ČSPD National Enterprise Bratislava before taking up military service in October 1966.  

Elite 251th anti-aircraft regiment ADRS in Vysoké Mýto under predicters of canons for tanks T 54 polish intervence tank brigade of the Warsaw Pakt - potencionel rival in the 22.august 1968. Air Defence Regiment State ADSR was armed with canons PLK  85mm type 44 abled order too as very efective anti tank canon. Directly hit projectile of thoose canons under tower tanks in order that she absolutely breaked away. Soldiers of Czechoslovak army in the picture was signatars " 2000 words "Pictured right is a soldier Pavel Ondrejkovič.

From an interview with colleague Olga G. and Chief Mian N. in 1973 in the ČSPD National enterprise on a topic to which the author did not at all appear to have been informed that the last Austrian Hungarian Trenčín county comes from July 1917 László Mednyánszky de Mednye and Medgyes, the blood-cousin of the author's old father of administrator teacher Stephan II (his father District Notary Stephan I. Ondrejkovič was founding member of Slovak Matica) through his mother Anna Ondrejkovič born Sandor de Szlavnicza and her father, the Trenčín County Judge, Stephanus Sandor de Szlavnicza.                                 

Authors Skoda Favorit 136L car in front of the mansion and buildings family Sandor de Szlavnicza on fenced plots on the outskirts of the village Slávnica in the district of Ilava. In 2003, after visiting the Mayor of Slávnica, the author examined the deployed buildings on the former grounds of the noble family Sandor de Szlavnicza.

In 2003, the author examined a collapsed wooden, but plastered, desolate house built on the original stone foundations of a manor house of the Sandor de Szlavnicza family in the village of Slávnica in the Ilava district. Some of its parts were primurous. Inside the building, the wooden partitions were plastered and painted with a roller. In its closest proximity grew the lush vegetation of seedlings. The roof critic was made of non-original asbestos-cement tiles, which were produced in the interwar period. Situation in 2003.     

His Excelency exminister Republic of France and president of Paneurope union  (left) Alain Terrenoire élu Président de l'Union Paneuropéenne Internationale - Michel Habib-Deloncle and mr. Bicko of Justice ministry Slovakian republic before tombstone of  Liptov-Mara provost Andreas Ondrejkovicz in the Spiš Charper.   

As a gateway to the palace of the genus Sandor de Szlavnicza in Esztergom is locked present genus. Restore last surviving family activities ?

Notes: Maria Felicia Thurzo of Bethlenfalva (her parents were Alexius (Elek) Thurzó of Bethlenfalva and Barbara (Borbála) Zrinski (Zrínyi) of Serin † after 1624, in Prague was 21/06/1921 at Old Town Square executed States Joannes Jessenius, blood related family Sandor de Szlavnicza - Ondrejkovič ;  Joannes Korec *17.04.1879 Bošany parents Joannes Korec and Anna Marko ; Radúz Matiašovský *20.07.1887 Matiašovce Reserve Regiment of the Czechoslovak legions in Russia Omsk ; Daniel Vietoris L. Matiašovce 04.06.1882 L. Matiašovce 21st Rifle Regiment of the Czechoslovak legions in France ; activity renoved history of Upper Nitra deals with one of the personalities Partizánske Mr Peter Múčka. These include the publication of the collected historical documents and their rescue and indetifikation. Even gravestones notary Ondrejkovič Stephen and Maria Sandor de Szlavnicza genus. Marko in photos of Great Bielice identified and corrected selflessly to preserve historical documents for future generations with her boyfriend Mr. Juraj Krasula, which is Municipal Parliament in Partizánske, Bielice native. Without it, it would not be easy, to the newly built tower of the church canon Ondrejkovič of Great Štiavnica donated two bells which in 1829 were transferred to Ludrová tower ;

Source: Cardinal Ján Chrizostom Korec 19.01.2001 Bratislava ; Archbishop Ján Sokol 19.01.2001 Bratislava ; (6) Szluha, ref. 54 (2003) s.412 Fabritius, Endre. Nyitra vármegye foispánjai és alispánjai az árpádok korától. Patria : Budapest, 1943, s.62 ; 






Ondrej Ondrejkovič


Cold waterfalls

Lady Magda .

and Magda O.S.-de

Ambass Ro

Alžbeta Táňa, Palo

Before politic zmenami

Paolus Ondr.

Počas normalizácie

High Sch.Vazovova

D.Smokovec 1942


Dolné Držkovce


District Governor

Peace vor dust

Sektor 13

Too fam.Jesenský


Villas Baťa Borovo

Jozef Korbel

ing.Tanja Hofmann

MUDr.Tanja Hofmann

Andrej Vrbacký

Pilsen 1967

Štúrovo 1919

Automobile troops

VÚ 4404 Os.

Ada Kaleh Island

Lest of the many

Extra class

VÚ 5100 Tatra 111

Celý rok natankovaná

Emergency diesel

PLK 85mm

Reg.PVOS 1968

36 years under water

Ada Kaleh Romania

Ostrov nad Ohří

prvosledová division

1966-67 Autotroop

Nebezpečná too today

VÚ 5100 Vys.Mýto

SON 9 and VÚ 5100

Vysoké Mýto 85mm

Prezenčná služba

P.Ondrejkovič 1968

Karlsbad divsion

Praga V3S PAD


21.August 1968

Vzadu teraz rozstrieľaný vodojem

Port Vukovar 77

VÚ 5100 PVOS V.M.

YU Vukovar

Kleshes situation

Look to Mohács


Regatta Ba Borovo

anchorage of port Vidin

Lom, directly port

Islands of delta D.

Delta of Danube

Delta of Danube

Next port Izmail

Kingdom Hungary


Count Csáky w.Szirmay

Arms Khuen Belassy

Arms genus Csáky

Count Csáky palace

Vicecomes Palace Sandor de Trenčín

courtyard Sandor de

Family tree Sandor

Total devastation

Mansion in Szlavnicza

Trenčín vicecomes Sandor de

Sandor de, Palace

Pôvodný základ ?

Original basis mansions

Vo vetre času

Malé Ostratice Sandor

Vicecomes Sandor of Szlavnicza

Sandor of, Trenčín

Ladislaus Sandor de

Malé Ostratice

Dodatočná nadstavba ?

Curia ?


Palace de Sandor

Sandor de Szlavnicza

Mestské múzeum

Sandor of, Trenčín

Pôvodné stajne, devastácia

livery in Slavnica

The Devastation

A horse-breeding

Dodatočná nadstavba ?

Devastation in Slavn.

Sandor de Szlavnicza

former horse-breeding

Judit Hunyady-Sandor de Szlavnicza

Judit Hunyady-Sandor

Juliana Hunyady

Josephus Sandor de


Virgil Sandor de

baron Sandor de Szlavnicza 1767

Josephus Sandor de

Nustar, Sandor de

Eszetergom Sandor


Kiss Sandory

Palace Sandor de

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